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Central Waters Ouisconsing Red Ale (6 pk.)

Item Purchased: Central Waters Ouisconsing Red Ale (6 pk.)
Location Purchased: Woodman’s Food Market / 7145 120th Avenue / Kenosha, WI
Price: $6.99 + tax
Purchased on: 03/23/08

Review: A trip to Wisconsin wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Woodman’s market to pick up some inexpensive and new beer.

I have to admit, that the packaging is what drew me to this particular beer. I’m impressed by consumer products that present themselves as no-frills or pretense-free. Often I just want to see whether the lack of visual allure is simply a gimmick itself.

Ouisconsing Red Ale presents itself as a regular ol’ red ale, but has a few complexities hidden inside that I wasn’t sure I liked at first. Upon first pour, the orange/red color of the beer appealed to me, yet the odor coming off of the foamy head was a bit stronger than I am used to from this kind of beer. The taste immediately brought a bitterness to my mouth that was reminiscent of an IPA. If it weren’t for the layered flavor tones that followed, I would have written Ouisconsing off as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Instead of lingering, the bitterness gives way to a pleasant nuttiness and a hint of chocolate, followed by the smooth finish that most reds are known for. This beer is thick on the tongue and its flavor lingers long after the bottle is empty. In the end, the bitter flavor comes back, but mixes nicely with the entire tasting experience, so as to leave you wanting more.

Though this beer is just one point too much on the hops scale for my liking, its complexity and swirl of flavors will bring me to be a repeat customer and makes me eager to discover what unique flavor remixes Central Waters Brewing Company has to offer in their other beer styles. Though not one of my favorites, Ouisconsing is something to be experienced and just might change my views on what an amber ale should be.

Not to be judged by the plain packaging! This beer is anything but!

Rating: 3.25 / 5

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  1. transiit Says:

    Aha! The first April Fool’s joke of the year!

    …er…I think.

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