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Consumer Bites: 04/22/08

  • Just in case the Google logo didn’t remind you, Happy Earth Day! Even the toilets are sprouting spring green leaves as you can see above. How about trying to waste less today (and every day) with what you buy? I, for one, will be getting that reusable coffee mug I’ve been meaning to buy for quite some time now. What will/do you do? Oh, and final question… How come I only see those “Earth Day is Every Day!” shirts on Earth day?
  • Consumer protection laws regarding psychics and other spirituality scams are stronger than ever. I’m not sure if Houdini is smiling wide or rolling in his inescapable grave at the fact that so many people are still fooled by this stuff. (link)
  • The new website, GreenYour.com offers over 500 tips on greening your life. The site creators have set their goals high by wanting to be the “Google of greening anything.” I’m not sure about that, but the site does offer several tips, from the simple to complex, on how to green your consumerism and co-existence with the world. (link via Digital Journal)

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