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Bunch of Dole Organic Bananas From Whole Foods

Item Purchased: Bunch of Dole Organic Bananas
Location Purchased: Whole Foods Market / 1101 S. Canal / Chicago, IL
Price: $1.94 + tax ($0.99/lb.)
Purchased on: 05/19/08

Review: Whole Foods Markets tries to stress sustainable, responsibly farmed, organic and local items whenever possible. The jury is still out on the first three, but the last one seems moot after you walk through the store and marvel at all of the wonderful imported foods available. Then, there are foods that are so commonplace that it might be hard to remember that they are imported.

The Dole Organic Bananas obviously arrived on an early shipment, as they all had a slight green tint, unlike the yellow and spotty unorganic nanners in the bin beside them. Of course, who really knows if these “organic” bananas are really organic? The regulations set forth by the USDA have gotten so lax lately. Just last year, they proposed that a legally organic food should be allowed to have up to 38 non-organic elements used upon it.

My additive laden stomach isn’t going to let this technicality prevent me from eating non-organic bananas from Ecuador. They were all firm, flavorful, and there wasn’t a bruised one in the bunch. With the farmer’s market season starting, most of my produce will be coming from local farmers, but for my usual breakfast snack of banana, Whole foods will be considered my local source.

Oh, C’mon! I love Whole Foods as much as the next one, but you have to admit that about half of their claims of being a local/organic/etc… grocer is more for image than it is reality. Still… It’s far better than the other local chains I frequent for my food needs.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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