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Crown Prince Wild Caught Flat Fillets Anchovies (2 oz.)

Item Purchased: Crown Prince Wild Caught Flat Fillets Anchovies (2 oz.)
Location Purchased: Whole Foods Market / 1101 S. Canal / Chicago, IL
Price: $1.99 + tax
Purchased on: 05/19/08

Review: I never was the kind of person who draped anchovies on salads or pizza. Thinking back on my life, I find this strange, since I was brought up to enjoy salt more than the average horse. I attribute my avoidance of this delicious little fish to spending time in two restaurant kitchens where the anchovies were kept in buckets of water or oil, uncovered for months on end. You only spill that bucket on your shoes once, let me tell you.

Now, however, I have learned to appreciate the salty cured flesh of these tiny beasts. I still don’t drape them over anything very often. My preferred method is to sparingly chop and mince anchovy fillets to mix into a sauce or sprinkle over a dish for added flavor.

Crown Prince anchovies are full flavored, wild caught and imported from the anchovy capital of the world, Morocco. The two ounce jar is also an advantage for me, because it forces me to use the little fish sparingly. Overfishing of anchovies has been a problem in the past, which leads to reduced populations of other animals and food sources. Though I’m not against eating almost anything, I do believe in moderation. A few less anchovies here or there can go a long way.

Also, there’s no danger of slicing your fingers open on the sometimes difficult to open cans.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

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