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Blueberry Scone from Sweet Cakes Bakery

Item Purchased: Blueberry Scone
Location Purchased: Sweet Cakes Bakery / 935 N. Damen / Chicago, IL
Price: $2.00 + tax
Purchased on: 05/20/08

Review: Even though (or maybe because) it is set back away from the sidewalk, behind a looming brown fence, Sweet Cakes Bakery is one of the best destinations in the increasingly annoying Bucktown neighborhood. Walking through the gate is like entering a world that belongs somewhere in northern Wisconsin or Amana Colonies. A quiet stone-cobbled patio calms you as you walk toward the entrance. Inside of the bakery, the seating area opens up into the kitchen in back where you can often see one of the owners mixing the next batch of goodies. The very same people will shortly be behind the glass case counter to help you with the friendliest demeanor in the area.

I take scones very seriously. Scones have been bastardized by the chain coffee shops and bakeries like Starbucks and Caribou. These places have turned luscious moist pastry, surrounded by a crispy buttery outside into nothing more than a super sugary dense triangular door stopper sprinkled with sugar.

Sweet cakes obviously has taken offense to this revisionist bakery, because their scones send a message to every latte sippin’ Starbucker that breakfast pastry doesn’t have to resemble a milk bone. Outwardly, the asymmetrical scones resemble biscuits with a tough, but crumbly shell, glazed and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Inside, there is nothing but perfectly cooked moist dough, popping with natural flavors rather than just sugar. The blueberries still possess all of their natural juices and flavors and infuse their flavor throughout the scone.

Did I mention that these scones are vegan?

Usually I would rather eat sawdust than vegan bakery because sawdust is usually not as dry. I have yet to taste a regular scone from an American bakery or kitchen that possesses as much flavor or moistness. Baking is a science and the good people at Sweet Cakes are the Linus Pauling of the dough. Sweet Cakes hasn’t seen the last of me.

Look for the brown fence on Damen. You won’t be sorry.

Rating: 4.75 / 5

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