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Pocket Change: 06/25/08

  • J.C. Penney denies responsibility for the best television ad they’ve ever created. Everyone sees it anyway. J.C. Penney’s name now sits closer to the front of your brain than before. Isn’t advertising strange in this day and age? Watch the ad at the top of this post (if it hasn’t been taken down…though J.C. Penny would be fools to demand it removed) (link)
  • Fun with statistics! America is fat because we don’t save money! (link)
  • There’s nothing like a natural disaster to bring us together… to riot… for a limited number of food vouchers. (link)
  • Sometimes, it pays to listen to novelists dressed sharply in all-white suits. Tom Wolfe on the stock market and its plentiful “evaporated property cubed.” (link)
  • Two girls, ages 9 and 7, decided to hit the streets to protest high gas prices! The protest was staged due to their mother having to cancel the family’s cable. Say what you will about their motivations or ill thought protest, but at least these kids are doing something more than complaining… They’re complaining with signs! (link)

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