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Pocket Change: 07/11/08

  • Convenience store chain and home to ornery night-shifters, 7-Eleven, turns 81 today. Stop in between 7:00AM - 11:00PM for your free slurpee! (link)
  • Chicago Whole Foods supermarket closed down due to a rodent infestation. Yeah… you know those bulk raisins you’ve been lovin’ on? Well…. (link)
  • An Indiana woman makes a $2000 deposit with rare $1000 bills worth approximately $9000. Despite the credit crisis, the bank returned the bills to the woman. (link)
  • More Wal-Mart yuks! Kurt Vonnegut is finally resting in peace after this one! (link)
  • You know how those legal brothels in Nevada are a long drive from any major city? (That’s what I’ve heard anyway… ahem…) Well, now that rising gas prices are keeping people from vacations, malls and the search for desert companionship, one brothel is offering $50 gas card rebates to anyone who pays for more than $300 worth of services. Business is booming, by the way. (link)
  • A man loses his shirt (and pants) in Las Vegas… then hijacks a bus… while completely nude. Police say the man may have been on drugs. Ya think? (link via Boing Boing)

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