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Pocket Change: 07/16/08

  • Special thanks to my own mother for “chipping in” to Consumatron, using the new Chipin.com widget on the side bar! She raises me from a babe, puts up with my teenage years and still supports my silly blogging endeavors! Proof my mom is the greatest! Thanks, Mom!
  • This story has been all over the interwebs, but I thought it was funny enough to re-link. After not being able to order an iced espresso at Arlington, VA’s Murky Coffee, a customer leaves a nasty tip then retreats to the safe confines of the blogosphere, where he threatens arson. Murky Coffee’s owner responds on the cafe’s website with his yawn-inducing defense of his coffee methods, then threatens to punch the customer in the dick. Much commenting ensues. Starbuck’s thinks twice about closing so many stores. (link and link via Consumerist)
  • The price of food rises and food pantry patronage increases. Ever thought about volunteering? Now’s the time. (link)
  • Vertical farming?!? I can think of at least 20 different buildings in Chicago where this would work famously (Mr. Trump, I’m looking at you!) (link)
  • Like a retiree at a casino, Democrats now think we need another economic stimulus check. Did someone say that Nader was going to run again? (link)

Photo of “The Living Tower.” (SOA Architects) from iht.com

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