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Pocket Change: 07/30/08

  • Religious symbolism rears its head again in a bag of snack foods. A woman from St. Louis found a Cheeto that looks like Jesus on the Cross. You want salvation? You gotta get your fingertips dirty! (link)
  • The Bennigan’s Grill and Tavern company has declared bankruptcy and totally screwed over about 10,000 hard working employees with little to no warning. Tourists, on the other hand, simply shuffled their feet in search of jalepeno poppers… which they found a few blocks away at TGIF. (link)
  • A crowdsourced restaurant? Cool! (link)
  • More religion and consumerism… This time, God is being asked to lower gas prices. Let’s hope the almighty operates in accordance with the law of supply and demand. (link)
  • Some lucky college kid just made a million on his “pet rock” idea! Introducing the Pizza Pro. It’s a scissors and spatula for cutting/serving pizza all in one. C’mon! Who hasn’t cut a cheap frozen pizza with a pair of scissors? I know I have! (link via Boing Boing Gadgets)

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