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Pocket Change: 10/06/08

  • I dropped by Chicago’s new indoor market last week (pictured above) to see if this little test run would be worth re-visiting with some extra cash. The market is a bit small and still has to grow into its potential, but with a little work and support, this could be a promising prototype for the all-year market Chicago desperately needs. (City of Chicago)
  • Fasting from meat one day a week in Ireland may make a comeback because of its positive effect on greenhouse emissions? Yeah, and everyone here in Chicago will trade in their cars for bicycles due to the same effect. (Kilkenny Advertiser)
  • From one extreme to the other, Libyans are going consumer crazy in response to their new market economy. Credit cards, increased salaries and oil revenues are propelling people to go shopping as a leisure activity. They better pick up the pace if they want to catch up to the U.S. current state of affairs! (Inquirer.net)
  • What really caused the financial crisis? Hell if I know, but here are three of the hundreds of theories out there. (Economist’s View 2 3)
  • J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly estimates that his new credit card agreement would equal a 63-page book. How’s that for weekend reading? (Get Rich Slowly)
  • The WSJ seems a bit confused as to why Hedge Fund and short selling billionaires are looked upon in a more negative light than dot-com billionaires. Well, I don’t remember anyone asking me to bail them out when the dot com bubble burst, do you? (WSJ)
  • Maybe bankers aren’t the ones to blame? (Dissent)
  • Adbusters thinks hipsters are killing our culture, but Forbes thinks that they are the demographic who just might save our economy. In a weird way, I think the two articles agree with each other. (Adbusters | Forbes)
  • A gas station in Pekin, IL lost nearly $3,500 in gas profits when the attendant accidentally set the price for $0.35/gal. Despite the costly mistake, the owners are in good spirits about the gaff. (PJStar via Obscure Store)

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