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Pocket Change: 10/22/08

  • A woman went to jail instead of paying her $7.45 Waffle House bill. I could understand if this were your first time eating at a McDonald’s, but not Waffle House! (TCPalm via Obscure Store)
  • Soup kitchens and food pantries are expecting a busy season this year. If you won’t be lining up at one, why not consider volunteering at one this year? (Chi Town Daily News)
  • New York is cracking down on illegal selling of 9/11 memorabilia. Hmm… Cracking down on opportunists making a buck off of a tragedy? We sure could have used this show of spine elsewhere… in say… 2003? Or how about in the market on 9/12? (Guardian UK)
  • The credit crisis may make it harder to die… sort of. (Guardian UK)
  • Not sure who to blame for the financial crisis? Here are a few partisan ideas! (FactCheck)

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