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Pocket Change: 03/19/09

  • I don’t drive, so I don’t have a very strong opinion about the parking meter prices in downtown Chicago (an area where only people whose sanity is in question drive regularly, if you ask me). The meters, though? They don’t seem to like it. (Chicagoist)
  • Some of that stimulus plan is going toward infrastructure development such as road building. Will it be used well? Take a look at these seven highway projects and decide for yourself. (Infrastructurist)
  • It’s probably a bad sign when personal finance wizard, Suze Orman, flips her script. (Consumerist)
  • Got a hundred bucks and a self-driven work ethic? Buy a house in Detroit! (NYT via BoingBoing)
  • If you are in Chicago, like Chinese food and don’t have much money to spare (check, check and check!), why not tour the tastes of Chinatown for $20? Awesome! (The Stew)
  • Michael Gebert (of the quite excellent Sky Full Of Bacon) dissects and delivers one of the better arguments in the raging discussion on why newspapers are dying. (Sky Full Of Bacon)
  • Could the global recession help save the globe? (Things Are Good)

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