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Pocket Change: 03/24/09

  • How can someone want the stock market to decline another 70% *and* be looking out for our economy’s best interests? Douglas Rushkoff tells us how in his newest Arthur column . (Arthur)
  • Are you ready for summer with your hot new couture fanny pack? I can’t wait until Hypercolor pants are back in style so I can pull my orange ones out! (Notcot via viscousplatypus)
  • The closer a student’s school is to fast-food restaurants, the higher the rate of obesity in that school is. And who’s surprised at this? (LA Times via Obscure Store)
  • Spring is here and I can’t wait to start biking to work again (I did one Chicago winter on the bike and probably will never do another)! Turns out that people who bike to work get sick less often than people who use other modes of transportation. Hooray! (Things Are Good)

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