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Planters Seasonuts Heat Peanuts (small tube)

Item Purchased: Planters Seasonuts Heat Peanuts (small tube)
Location Purchased: 7-Eleven / 1350 S. Halsted / Chicago, IL
Price: $0.50 + tax

Review: I like peanuts. Do you like peanuts? I like spicy food. Do you like spicy food?
Well, my friend, you and I may be in luck, because Planters Seasonuts Heat Peanuts are not just a cute rhyming stroke of marketing genius, but actual spicy peanuts.

If you want your mouth to taste as if you cooked a can of spicy Spaghetti-Os, dumped out the Os, let the can sit on your kitchen counter for two weeks, then licked the dried spicy sauce from the inside of the can, then Planters Seasonuts Heat Peanuts are for you. Just don’t eat them before you kiss someone or eat chocolate. These are pretty gross when you think about it too much. I’ll probably buy them again though.

Because, hey, I like peanuts and I like spicy food. (Not to mention spicy Spaghetti-Os)

Rating: 1.75 / 5

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