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Consumatron’s Holiday List

It’s that time of year again where all the good little boys and girls make out their wishlists, e-mail them to Santa Claus and wait by the dim green light of their computer screens for their shipping confirmations to arrive in their inbox. Though, we don’t consider ourselves religious or of any particular denomination, we do participate in the year-end ritual of gift giving. Most of the gifts we purchase for our loved ones will not be reviewed on this site just in case any of them are trying to sneak a peek at what they will be getting.

Furthermore, we here at Consumatron.com are gadget and media enthusiasts just like most of you and though it is tempting to ask you all to send us something so we can eagerly rip the packing tape off of a surprise gift box delivered by the Santa in blue from the post office, we’ve decided to do something different.

We are not asking you to give in Consumatron’s name or mention us at all, but if you do decide to give to one of these charities, please feel free to let us know. If you send us proof of your gift (forward your receipt to us…send us a link to your online donation record…different charities do things different ways…figure something out so we are sure that you made a donation), Consumatron will include your name in a daily post along with any linkback you choose and a short shout-out. As a little incentive, anyone who makes a charitable donation to any of the suggested charities on Consumatron will be sent some nifty Consumatron.com buttons to affix to your backpack and make all of your friends jealous.

And that’s not all…

Everyone who gives to any one of the charities we suggest will be entered into a drawing to win a Consumatron.com hoodie from Cafepress.com. We will print out each name on January 1st, 2006 while we are recovering from our hangovers, drop them in the nearest clean container and pick one at random. When our eyes unblur, we will read the slip, contact the winner to see what size hoodie they want and have Cafepress send out your stylish new couture.

So please… from the bottom of our loving reviewing hearts… have a safe, happy and helpful holiday!

Please send all questions or proofs of donation to: .

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