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From the Let’s Prolong The Agony Of Shopping department:

Okay, so let’s say you are out and about, picking up some groceries when you decide to swing by your local electronic entertainment supercenter to buy the new . Your store has it on sale for $19.98, but you have the feeling that you can find it for a much better price. What do you do?

Well, if you have Scan Buy Shopper installed on your cell phone, all you have to do is enter the barcode number and access reviews and online price comparison for the product you are interested in. What?!?! Amazon.com has the DVD for $14.99!?! Thank god for Scan Buy Shopper! Now I will save $4.99. Of course, you spent a few minutes of your cell phone plan looking this up (multiply that by the hundreds of impulse buys you encounter every day) and there is the gas you wasted by coming all the way out to the store without buying anything. So really, that single DVD will cost you approximately $22.00. Way to go Scan Buy Shopper shopper!

I’m all for price comparison and bargain hunting, but using your cellphone as a personal shopper is just going to prolong the already massive amount of time you spend leaning on a shopping cart while you cruise the aisles. Having this new toy in your hand is going to make you want to look up everything with a sale sticker on it. This is probably just some scheme researched by cell phone companies to increase minutes used.

Progress that helps us regress… yay!

(Scan Buy Shopper via Luxist) of course this comes from Luxist… is anyone surprised?

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