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Hot Dog from Jim’s Original

Item Purchased: Hot Dog from Jim’s Original
Location Purchased: Jim’s Original / 1250 S. Union St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $1.80 w/tax

Review: I didn’t have much cash on me today, so Jim’s for lunch seemed like the (un)sensible option. Instead of my usual grease surrounded by sausage casing, I opted for the less expensive hot dog. For $1.80, Jim’s isn’t exactly the type of place that specializes in Chicago style hot dogs. Basically, they grab a boiled wiener, throw it on some bread and slop on a few random toppings.

This meal creation method is no more apparent than in my lunch order today. The Jim’s Original employees were specifically told that this hot dog should have mustard and relish on it only. Instead, I received mustard, onion and hot peppers. Now I know working at a hot dog stand is not the best job on the planet, but whenever I come around, I tip the employees before I give my stray change to the beggars and curbside entrepreneurs selling socks and porn (a perfect pairing if you think about it). I am always friendly and Jim’s employees are usually friendly right back at me. I’ve been around enough that a couple of the guys who work at Jim’s know who I am by sight (this is the first sign you have a problem, btw). All I wanted was some relish and no onion. Onions at Jim’s are particularly disgusting due to the fact that they look and taste like the entrails from a giant mutant snail. Mutant snails also must be plentiful in the regions where Jim’s orders food from, because every someone does order onions, it takes a few minutes to make sure there is actually meat on their sandwich. The last I want in this world is a sack of flaming dog doo, but the second to last thing I want in this world is a gooey onion sandwich from a greasy street-shack fast food joint.

And don’t even get me started on the rubbery, bottom-of-the-barrel, guess-the-animal-of-origin cylindrical digestion subverter that was nestled inside of the soggy bun I received.

Jim’s has history and cholesterol. These things aren’t too bad when taken in moderation, but don’t expect things your way right away all of the time. And don’t expect to receive something that passes as edible when you order a hot dog.

Rating: 0.5 / 5

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