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Safeway Enriched Long Grain Rice (32 oz. bag)

Item Purchased: Safeway Enriched Long Grain Rice (32 oz. bag)
Location Purchased: Dominick’s / 3145 S. Ashland / Chicago, IL
Price: $1.09 + tax

Review: By and large, I try to avoid white rice when grocery shopping. I get enough of it when I eat out at Asian restaurants, it has virtually no nutritional value and brown rice tastes better. There are a few things that call for white rice in my life, however, and my dinner party tomorrow is one of them. I need rice that sticks together, and no matter how many eggs you beat into brown rice, it still likes to flake off into its own little sects. Brown rice is the rebel of the grain world. White rice, however, sticks together no matter what. Kind of makes me sick, the lack of innovation and individuality that white rice lacks, but every once in a while, you need a sticky ball of rice… especially if you are making sticky rice balls for dinner like I am. If I were smart, I would go to Chinatown for my rice since it is only a hop down the road from my apartment, but I found myself at the grocery store and decided to kill two birds with one stone and bought this cheap bag of generic rice. It’ll work.

As Mitch Hedburg once said: “I like rice. Rice is great if you’re hungry and want 2000 of something.”

P.S. I realized after I wrote this review, that some people might take my brown/white rice comparisons as a racial statement. If you do, you are reading far too much into a review of a simple edible grain. You are probably also reading far too much into skin color, as I tend to believe that there is only one race… the human race. We all bleed red and eat rice… regardless of what color it is.

Rating: 3.75 / 5

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