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Small Pistachio Gelato from Massa Italian Cafe

Item Purchased: Small Pistachio Gelato from Massa Italian Cafe
Location Purchased: Massa Italian Cafe / 807 W. Roosevelt Rd. / Chicago, IL
Price: $2.95 + tax

Review: So this new Italian joint opens up next door to the bookstore where I work and everyone is like “gelato” this and “gelato” that. So I’m like “it’s overpriced ice cream, what’s so great about that? Cold Stone Creamery is just down the block if you want to pay too much for sugar!” But then, everyone is still like “gelato, gelato, gelato” until my sweet tooth is interested. I’m still not entirely sure I’m interested yet, but my sweet tooth threatens to beat my ass if I don’t march myself into Massa and get some. So I do.

I hate it when food critics describe food as fabric, so forgive me as I resort to it. The best way to describe gelato without reenacting the diner orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally (as Harry, of course… who has an orgasm with cold milk product in their mouth?) is to say that Massa’s gelato is thick, yet silky. Though it is extremely dense in both substance and flavor, this gelato has a smooth texture to it which reminds me of whipped cream. The pistachio flavor is genuine (even if the color is not) and the bits of actual pistachio nut that are mixed in only enhance this.

Though a bit on the pricey side for two scoops of Italian ice cream, Massa’s gelato should be experienced at least once. Of course, there are at least twenty flavors, so maybe it should be experienced at least twenty times.

Rating: 3.75 / 5

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