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Thai Green Curry Chicken Dish from Joy Yee

Item Purchased: Thai Green Curry Chicken Dish from Joy Yee
Location Purchased: Joy Yee’s Noodles / 1335 S. Halsted St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $9.95 + tax

Review: This dish is basically a larger version of the Thai Green Curry Chicken Combination Lunch Platter that I reviewed back in August, so if you want a review on the product itself, please go back and read that review.

Instead of a product review, I am going to say a few things about the service I received at Joy Yee today. In hindsight, I probably should have stood my ground at the counter, but for whatever reason, I didn’t.

Long story short, I placed a carry out order over the phone for the Lunch Special size of Joy Yee’s Thai Green Curry Chicken and when I got there, there was a regular sized Thai Green Curry Chicken dish waiting for me. The difference in price between these two dishes is nearly $3.00 and when I questioned the young man at the cash register about this, he simply said “Thank you!”

Now, unless my question is “how did you get so beautiful?” I don’t expect “thank you” as an answer. I can assure you, I didn’t ask the cashier how he got so beautiful. Instead, I asked him if the lunch special I had ordered wasn’t less than what I had just paid him. A bit confused and stalled from the unexpected response, I looked in the bag to see if I had the right order. My friend Josh did the same. Josh asked again and received silence from the cashier. I repeated the repeated question and the cashier told us that the lunch specials were over for the day. Now, Lunch specials at Joy Yee are available until 3:30 during the week. I had this encounter at approximately 1:30. Unfortunately, the space time continuum and the odd gratitude I received from my concern for my financial stability (read: the rest of the money in my wallet) had me out of sorts and I didn’t react. I carried my lunch back to work, double checked the lunch special rule on Joy Yee’s takeout menu, ate my lunch, bitched a little bit and regretted not raising more of a stink at Joy Yee.

Next time I will. Of course, if there is a next time, it will be the last time.

Rating: 1 / 5

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