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Reuben Meal from Eppy’s Deli

Item Purchased: Reuben Meal from Eppy’s Deli
Location Purchased: Eppy’s Deli / 224 E. Ontario St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $7.95 + tax

Review: Most of you disagreed with the review of my last reuben, so I thought I’d try another one. Now, I think I might disagree with it as well. Eppy’s made me see the light.

In an area of Chicago where overpriced chain restaurants with blackberry lunch rushes and static impersonal service, Eppy’s is a true diamond in the… well… cubic zirconia display cases. Attentive, competent staff, fresh deli food, a charismatic and loud mouthed owner and prices that are unheard of in the greater Streeterville neighborhood are what makes Eppy’s a new fav of mine.

Reading reviews across the net, I’ve noticed a lot of complaints about the “personality” of Eppy’s, but that is one of the primary selling points of the place, in my book. If you can’t deal with it, you probably belong in a boring sandwich shop like the Subway next door. While you are there signing Jared’s meal ticket, I’ll be getting a genuine deli sandwich along with a few one liners… no script writers needed.

The other primary selling point of Eppy’s is the quality and affordability of the food. For under eight dollars, you get a reuben stacked high with corned beef and kraut, dripping with melted Swiss and thousand island dressing. Trimmings of fat may frame the meat slices, but it isn’t overdone and is all part of the perfect flavor. Though this sandwich is enough to fill you up on its own, save room for your choice of two sides (mustard potato salad and chips for me today) and a fountain drink. Oh, and did I mention the pickle spear? I defy you to find a more satisfying and filling meal in a mile radius for less than ten dollars.

This just may be my favorite reuben in the city of Chicago. With less than a two minute walk from work, it will be tough to limit my dining frequency at Eppy’s to a manageable once-a-week.

Eppy’s also offers bagels and coffees for breakfast and free Wi-Fi for the busy code monkey or blogger. Expect frequent Consumatron missives from the best damn deli this side of Michigan Ave.

Rating: 4.75 / 5

4 Responses to “Reuben Meal from Eppy’s Deli”

  1. Chris Hajer Says:

    Now you’re talking. Glad you’ve seen the light!

  2. Jaide Says:

    Your slim and sexy figure is going to suffer with that kind of diet, even if you suck down the brown rice the rest of the time!
    Have to think of something to work it off you. I’ll get with Consumo-Gfriend and give her some tips.

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