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Bunch of Red Onions (3) from Nichols Farm & Orchard

Item Purchased: Bunch of Red Onions (3) from Nichols Farm & Orchard
Location Purchased: Nichols Farm & Orchard @ Wicker Park Farmer’s Market / Damen & Schiller / Chicago, IL
Price: $3.00 w/tax

Review: Any way you look at it, a dollar a piece for red onions direct from the farmer is a deal. Some of the bunches of onions (still on the stalk, mind you) offered by Nichols Farm & Orchard included four instead of three, but these were the healthiest looking of the bunch of bunches. Upon slicing half an onion for breakfast this morning, my tear ducts reacted immediately in response to its strength. I haven’t cried so much since watching the Bette Midler classic, Beaches (because it was so damn bad, of course).

Half an onion was an almost overbearing amount to use in my eggs and hash browns, which only added to the testament of fresh produce. I’ve used more from larger onions in the past and been unable to reach such a taste. In the future, I need to remember to use these onions sparingly.

Fresh. Local. Organic. Mm mm good.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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