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Margherita Pizza from Coalfire Pizza

Item Purchased: Margherita Pizza
Location Purchased: Coalfire Pizza / 1321 W. Grand Ave. / Chicago, IL
Price: $12.99 + tax
Purchased on: 07/14/07

Review: I’ve often joked that cooking a pizza on my Weber Smoky Joe grill would probably yield some pretty tasty results after a bit of practice. The new Coalfire pizza cafe in my old neighborhood has taken care of most of the hassle for me by installing huge coal-fire pizza ovens and keeping the hearths burning all day long.

Though cooking pizza with this outdated power source gives the crust a tasty carbon edge, Coalfire’s crust, itself is of the most basic sort. Additionally, even though a Margherita style pizza is delectably sparse when it comes to toppings, Coalfire may have taken the recipe a bit too much to its word. Nearly a quarter of my bites yielded nothing but the carbon taste of the crust. C’mon, Coalfire! This is Chicago! Even a Margherita pizza has to create a slack-given tightrope from mouth to slice!

Coalfire, with it’s BYOB atmosphere, would be a much better bet if they learned how to put some pizza on their pizza. Their ingredients are fresh. Their service is friendly. Everything seems to be in the right place except the substance (not to mention that the art on the wall reflects a scrapbook of someone who really likes Chicago history and Joy Division equally).

Maybe some other time, but not for a while.

Rating: 2 / 5

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