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Papa Rocco’s Hot Giardinera (10 oz.)

Item Purchased: Papa Rocco’s Hot Giardinera (10 oz.)
Location Purchased: River Valley Kitchens @ Wicker Park Farmer’s Market / Damen & Schiller / Chicago, IL
Price: $5.00 + tax

Review: The man from River Valley Kitchens in Burlington, Wisconsin told me that this homemade giardinera was the hottest he had with him. He also informed me that he had hotter back north in his store. I settled for what was available, but told him to be sure to bring the hottest he made with him next weekend.

A fine mix of fresh peppers, garlic and other vegetables, this giardinera is full of flavor. As far as the limits of my taste buds go, however, this jar of delicious sandwich topping only goes halfway. I’m sure I will make short work of this jar, but I can’t hardly wait to test the limits of flavor next weekend.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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