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Mozarella Fresca Whole Milk Ricotta (15 oz.)

Item Purchased: Mozarella Fresca Whole Milk Ricotta (15 oz.)
Location Purchased: Dominick’s / 3145 S. Ashland / Chicago, IL
Price: $4.69 + tax

Review: Not really a cheese, not really milk, ricotta is one of those cheese making byproducts that dairy farmers and cheese makers like to find a use for and sell in order to be more profitable and less wasteful. Maybe the EPA should be talking to cheese makers trying to get some pointers?

Ricotta reminds me of a more solid version of cottage cheese, but unlike cottage cheese, I am able to enjoy ricotta. I am better able to enjoy ricotta if it is included in a pasta dish or with some sort of tomato sauce or soup. Tonight, I tried my hand at making ricotta gnocchi, which resulted in the most enjoyment I have ever received from a tub of creamy and grainy dairy product.

All around, a decent product at a decent price… providing that you know what to do with it.

Rating: 3.75 / 5

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