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Jumbo Shrimp from Rubino’s Seafood (1.5 lbs.)

Item Purchased: Jumbo Shrimp from Rubino’s Seafood (1.5 lbs.)
Location Purchased: Rubino’s Seafood / 735 W. Lake St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $14.80 + tax
Purchased on: 01/19/08

Review: I’m really not sure why I have always made a bee-line to the back of whatever massive chain supermarket that happens to be near my apartment to buy less than fantastic seafood. I mean, didn’t I move to the city because there were more options in the way of ethnic groceries, specialty shops, butchers and fish markets? Well… sort of. Of course, everyday life gets in the way and I can’t always make sixty stops for sixty different things. There may be a lot to say for convenience, but there is also much more to say for diversification and spending a bit of time corralling my cooking ingredients.

Rubino’s Seafood sits in the Fulton Market section of Chicago which now houses an odd mixture of art galleries and butchers. The building is monstrous, yet the room where I was directed to select my seafood from was surprisingly small. Perhaps because I went on the weekend, supplies were low. Despite the limited area of the walk in refrigeroom, the modest selection of fish and other aquatic foodstuffs was impressive in selection and condition. The simultaneously sickening and alluring scent of fresh ocean kill wafted into my head and sent me reeling with hunger and want, but I was there for one thing only.


Rubino’s had two options for shrimp: medium and jumbo. When compared to what you normally see graying behind a glass counter at your local MegaJumboMart, the medium could qualify as superhyperjumbo shrimp. Of course, I opted for the jumbo. Firm with tight shells, like all good fresh shrimp should be, these little buggers were a steal at only ten dollars per pound.

Later, while I was frying them and dunking them in a spicy tomato and white wine sauce, that scent I spoke of above lost all of its sickening and enhanced its alluring to the pleasure of not only me, but also the seven others I was cooking for.

With prices that beat any Whole Foods or other fancy grocery, Rubino’s will be a frequent stop for many of my seafood needs in the future.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

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