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Eden Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (16 fl. oz.)

Item Purchased: Eden Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (16 fl. oz.)
Location Purchased: Whole Foods Market / 1101 S. Canal / Chicago, IL
Price: $2.99 + tax
Purchased on: 05/19/08

Review: Apple cider vinegar. You probably have a milky white plastic bottle of this urine-tinted stuff in your pantry somewhere. You know it. It’s the stuff you slop onto salads or into sauces when you are out of other vinegars because you really can’t tell the difference. Let’s be honest. Most apple cider vinegar just tastes like vinegar. Nothing sets it apart.

If you feel this way, I urge you to seek out Eden Organic’s Apple Cider Vinegar and finally realize what apple cider vinegar is all about. There are many other brands and varieties of cider vinegar out there with distinguishing flavors, but most of us don’t shop at those price points. For under three dollars, I’ve never experienced such balance of sweetness, acidity and earthiness in a vinegar this inexpensive. My girlfriend used this vinegar in a simple potato salad the other day and the results were verging on too sweet. Conservative use of this product can go a long way.

Just another reason that Whole Foods is quickly becoming my go-to store for pantry essentials.

Rating: 4 / 5

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