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Italian Sandwich from Momi’s Cafe

Item Purchased: Italian Sandwich
Location Purchased: Momi’s Cafe / 233 E. Ontario / Chicago, IL
Price: $5.99 + tax
Purchased on: 07/08/08

Review: I’ve had my eyes set on this new addition to the somewhat bland River North/Streeterville neighborhood. I fear I may be putting on a bit too much weight from Eppy’s Deli and need a good lunch alternative.

Momi’s Cafe is probably the friendliest establishment in the Streeterville area as well as one of the most affordable. Boasting French style crepes both sweet and savory, a handful of affordable sandwiches and a dessert case full of bite size temptations, the operator of Momi’s Cafe took me by surprise with her Eastern European accent. Patient and willing to answer all of my questions about the cozy cafe, she urged me to take a seat and pay after I finished my meal.

The meal was a bit smaller than I am used to when compared the the surrounding lunch places, but made to order with Italian salami and my choice of typical sandwich ingredients. Prepared on a whole grain sandwich roll, my meal was satisfying and tasty. Though nothing to write home about, a solid lunch spot doesn’t always have to be Food Network ready. It needs to be friendly, affordable and filling. Momi’s Cafe fits the bill and has made a repeat customer of me.

What Ontario needs is more places like Momi’s and less of the McTaco lot.

Rating: 3 / 5

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