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Miller’s Smoke House Pasture Raised Chicken Breasts from Green Grocer Chicago (1.31 lbs.)

Item Purchased: Miller’s Smoke House Pasture Raised Chicken Breasts (1.31 lbs.)
Location Purchased: Green Grocer Chicago / 1402 W. Grand Ave. / Chicago, IL
Price: $15.59 + tax ($11.99/lb.)
Purchased on: 07/13/08

Review: It’s a crying shame that most people can only afford meat that has been raised in movement stifling cages or that has been force fed a lifetime diet of corn. Convincing people to eat cheap free range chickens and grass fed cows would be so much easier than convincing people to eat less meat and spend their hard earned money that would normally buy them ten hamburgers on one smaller hamburger. We’re Americans. The nine piece chicken nugget is instantly more appealing than the one chicken wing even to the most devout food lover. It’s a crying shame that corn subsidies and the state of consumption/farming/distribution/youraspectofthefoodconsumerchainhere have made it acceptable to buy, sell, eat and overeat the most disgusting food products available. It is beyond acceptable. It is downright easy.

Crying shame, I tell you.

Most of all, it is a crying shame that I can’t afford to buy pasture raised chicken at the rate of two breasts per fifteen dollars every single week. Miller’s Smoke House chicken has changed me. It may have even made me more of a food snob than I already am. And if there is anything worse than a food snob, it’s a food snob that can’t afford the object of his affections.

Even though these breasts were frozen for at least a couple of weeks, once prepared, they tasted better than most fresh chickens I’ve had. With very little fat and a more robust meat, there is not much effort needed to get at the enjoyable bits of the chicken. The enjoyable bits happens to be the entire breast. The chicken’s flavor is tender, satisfyingly juicy and, despite popular belief, it doesn’t taste like chicken. To give this meat that description would be a disservice to its succulence.


Crying shame that most won’t taste chicken like this as long as they live. And how lucky I am to have Green Grocer in my city so I can treat myself when the coffers are a little less empty.

Rating: 4.75 / 5

2 Responses to “Miller’s Smoke House Pasture Raised Chicken Breasts from Green Grocer Chicago (1.31 lbs.)”

  1. Gary Says:

    Thanks for the nice comments! I’m one of the owners of Green Grocer. We are glad you loved the chicken. FYI - the price listed is incorrect. It should be $11.99 per lb.



  2. consumatron Says:

    Thanks, Gary. I not only love the chicken, I love your store to death… or hopefully to a long life!

    The price listed was the actual price I paid for my chicken which weighed over 1 lb. I have added the per pound price to the review, though.

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