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Pocket Change: 07/21/08

  • Thanks to readers Eleni and Deb for “chipping in” to Consumatron by using the ChipIn.com widget on the side bar! I’ve been lax lately, but every little bit that people are willing to donate revives my self-imposed deadline side.
  • I’m the last person to pretend to have a “fashion sense,” but even I think wearing your jeans so that they sag to the bottom of your boxers is clownish. The town of Lynwood, IL has gone a one step further by passing an ordinance against baggy pants. Lynwood Mayor Eugene Williams says he cannot attract major retailers with the kids’ knickers all willy-nilly. Others view the ordinance as a racist one. Fashion Police, anyone? If these kids buy their pants (presumably, some of them are purchased in Lynwood), they should be allowed to wear them any damn fool way they want to. No indecent exposure, no problem. The race issue should have never been brought up because if the Lynwood town board had used any common sense, this ordinance would have never been passed. Also, maybe Lynwood is courting the wrong retailers if stupid looking baggy jeans is the new town fashion. (link)
  • If you need to read something that will make you feel better about your debt problems, check this out. It will make you feel bad about everything else… but at least you aren’t $280,000 in debt… right? (link)
  • How, exactly did our debt problem get this bad? I’m not talking about the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Let’s dig a bit deeper. How about a 21 page article on the history of debt in America? Don’t let the length scare you away. It’s fascinating! (link | pdf)
  • Finally, if you are a Chicago reader, I urge you to check out the new seasonal food magazine, Edible Chicago! Filled with fantastic articles, recipes and other information about local food in the Midwest, this is an essential grab for any Chicago food enthusiast! Pick up your copy at the release party tonight between 5:00 and 8:00, hosted by Green Grocer Chicago / 1420 W. Grand Ave! (link)
  • Some primary care doctors will be getting paid more through Medicare in an attempt to cut health costs. One of the other goals of this program will be to attract more medical students to careers in primary care. Interesting idea. Now we need a Medicare for public school teachers. (link)

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