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June 28th - Previously Reviewed Purchases

- Bowl of Chili from Quiznos / Chocolate Chip Cookie from Caribou Coffee / Small Daybreak Coffee from Caribou Coffee / Large Mango Iced Tea from Caribou Coffee -

Consumer Notes: There was a publisher rep in the book store today who was nice enough to buy me a sandwich for lunch. The rest of the day I spent trying to figure out why one of the residents of the apartment I had applied for hadn’t turned my application over to the landlord. Luckily, the landlord is a very understanding lady who took a substantial amount of time out of her day to work with me and get all of my application information processed. Keep your fingers crossed out there. Though I have enjoyed being homeless for the last month+, I do miss having a base of operations where I can unwind or work more in depth on Mediatron updates.

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