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Small Hazlenut Gelato from Massa

Item Purchased: Small Hazlenut Gelato from Massa
Location Purchased: Massa Italian Cafe / 807 W. Roosevelt Rd. / Chicago, IL
Price: $2.95 + tax

Review: Reader, Robbie Kendall, with his European experience, urged me to try hazelnut gelato if I had the chance. Since I now have the chance every day I am at work, I took his advice. Damn you Robbie! Now I almost did re-enact the diner orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally as Sally (read previous gelato review if you are confused)!

At first, this gelato tastes like nothing more than a caramel flavored ice cream, but then the true nutty flavor and hazelnut spice comes from behind and drop kicks your taste buds like a happy flavor ninja. Fans of waffle cones and peanut butter, take heed. This gelato tastes like neither, but will succeed in winning you over. Good thing I only have a couple of dollars in my pocket today, otherwise I would go and get another. This delicate sweetness is still a bit overpriced in my [check]book, but for the new experience, I was willing to shell it out.

The only problem, is I think I will be willing to shell it out continuously. The winter is my time for cold treats. Don’t ask me why, because I will just ask you why not.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

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