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Small Coffee from Eppy’s Deli

Item Purchased: Small Coffee from Eppy’s Deli
Location Purchased: Eppy’s Deli / 224 E. Ontario St. / Chicago, IL
Price: $1.35 + tax
Purchased on: 04/14/07

Review: I love Eppy’s, but it is sad to say that this is the best coffee in the immediate area surrounding my place of work. Eppy’s has a strong lead in the delectable edibles department, but the coffee seems to take the bare-essential-wakeup-fuel (or, BEWF) approach. Still, it’s a damn sight better than the food colored water that Au Bon Pain offers up. At least this stuff tastes like coffee. It’s rather akin to the truck stop coffee many road weary drivers survive off of across this great country. For a day of work, this utility will work just fine. I’ll suspend my coffee snob mentality for the time being and cope.

If anyone knows of a better coffee in the Streeterville area in Chicago, please let me know. If you say Starbucks, I reserve the right to slap you.

Rating: 2 / 5

3 Responses to “Small Coffee from Eppy’s Deli”

  1. Andre Says:

    yeah, Eppy’s coffee is vile! But then the Starbucks in the NMH is always burnt. There are a couple of alternatives:

    1) Jazzman’s Cafe in the Lurie Building on Fairnaks and Superior - very good coffee (4/5)

    2) Gloria Jean’s in the Water Tower place - very good coffee (4/5)

    3) Food Life cafe in the mesanine level of the Water Tower Place - excellent coffee (5/5) The cakes are superb as well! (5/5)

  2. Andre Says:

    please forgive my typo:

    Jazzman’s is located on Fairbanks and Superior (not Fairnaks)

  3. consumatron Says:

    Thanks for the info, Andre! I’m going to try Jazzman’s and Food Life next week. I’m not a big fan of Gloria Jean’s. They just remind me of shopping malls.

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