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DelicaSea Easy Peel Shell-On Frozen White Shrimp (2 lbs.)

Item Purchased: DelicaSea Easy Peel Shell-On Frozen White Shrimp (2 lbs.)
Location Purchased: Hong Kong Market / 2425 S. Wallace / Chicago, IL
Price: $8.50 + tax
Purchased on: 06/14/08

Review: I live in the Midwest. Though it is not impossible, fresh seafood can become a pricey endeavor unless you plan on cooking up some fresh carp (yum!). There are a few affordable and high quality fish markets in the city, but on the weekends, they have limited hours and aren’t the most conducive to a last-minute cook out. That’s where Hong Kong Market comes in. With a killer selection of seafood that is only dampened by the fact that it is all frozen, my new favorite grocery playground saved the skewered afternoon.

Despite my snobby hesitations about frozen farmed shrimp and my need to learn more about seafood industries, I made a snap decision to go with this two pound bag of frozen crustaceans. DelicaSea’s website does claim to raise their shrimp in environmentally sustainable conditions, though doesn’t go into detail. All things considered, I was satisfied and a bit surprised. I’ve paid more money for smaller frozen shrimp that tastes like it came out of a freshly eaten bag of cheese puffs. DelicaSea individually quick freezes their shrimp, which preserves as much of the flavor as possible, and it shows. Full flavored and not at all soggy after defrosting, these sizable shrimp are deveined, beheaded and easy to slide out of their shells for quick preparation.

In the end, I ended up with a decent plate of barbeed shrimp that maybe wouldn’t fly at a seafood restaurant, but went well with a backyard beer. If at all possible, buy fresh, but if you are in a pinch, DelicaSea is far from the worst option in front of you.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

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